WhatsApp Business Android and iOS Application Reviews


WhatsApp launching for New Application that is WhatsApp Business. This new apllication coming for Android and iOS Smartphone. Company Not Declared it coming or not for Windows Phone. WhatsApp also working with windows phone but WhatsApp Business  windows phone work or not its not saying. WhatsApp Business Apps 2017 and WhatsApp Business iOS 2017 and WhatsApp Business Windows Phone 2017.

We are giving WhatsApp Business Android and iOS Application Reviews for user.

WhatsApp Business APK and try it on your Android phone or iOS. WhatsApp Business is the new app by the WhatsApp team that focuses on managing your business number using WhatsApp.

This application allow to Business Settings allows edit your business profile, and set automated messages for your clients. it is set a user and Merchant business name with location, Target or unverified badge, business Analysis, email address, Apps and website.

WhatsApp Business Apps For Android and iOS Reviews

It is a standalone app so sometime in the future, you will be able to download the app from the Playstore. It is geared for account managers to separate their personal and business conversations.

For now, users have been using the same WhatsApp app we are all used to for their personal and business needs. WhatsApp Business including new features and tools to help out businesses will be provided.

This is your business profile, you can add a photo, business category, business description, your email address and your website. You will also see a badge that shows whether your business is verified or not.

WhatsApp Business Android and iOS

WhatsApp Business Apps was made official early last month after a few early screenshots were leaked out. You can now download and try out the WhatsApp Business APK as it is not yet available on the Google Play Store.


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