Samsung Marshmallow Parental Control App Launched for Android


Samsung Electronics released a new Android app called Samsung Marshmallow. While it has nothing to do with the version six of Android operating system. The Marshmallow app does cater to Samsung’s users with some productivity features. Samsung Marshmallow android app aimed at providing the company’s customers with an ultimate parental control solution. Allowing them to teach their children how to use a smartphone in a responsible manner.

What is Samsung Marshmallow Parental Control App

Samsung Marshmallow Parental Control App

Marshmallow is essentially a parental control app, but Samsung wants you to see the app as more than just that. In addition to allowing some parental controls on a device, the app is also designed to teach children proper smartphone usage habits.

The app started rolling out on the Google Play Store several days ago but still isn’t available for download in all parts of the world and it’s currently unclear whether Samsung only intends to offer it in select markets or if the Seoul-based tech giant will eventually release its new mobile tool worldwide.
Samsung Marshmallow sports all standard access-restricting features boasted by most other parental control apps on the Google Play Store, but its main selling point is the so-called Marshmallow mode, a gamified educational system designed to teach young children self-control in the context of smartphone usage.
However, Samsung Marshmallow is also not a regular parental control app. What’s different here is that children get to set their own smartphone usage time. In addition, the app rewards kids certain points for their good online behaviour.

Samsung Marshmallow Parental Control App

They can also lose points in case they engage in bad behaviour. After gaining few points, children can ask their parents for a gift card to use in the gift shops. Both parents and children can check daily and weekly reports for more detailed usage information. The app is pretty simple.

Samsung Marshmallow Parental Control App Supported Smartphone

The app will be supported on the new Galaxy S8 duo, last year Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, the Galaxy S6, the Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, the Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy A5, Galaxy A7, Galaxy A8, Galaxy A9, and the Galaxy J3, Galaxy J5, and Galaxy J7.

Samsung Marshmallow Parental Control App

The Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note 5 also support .
Interestingly, Samsung has lately working on a couple of exclusive apps. Just last week, Samsung announced the In-Traffic Reply app, which automatically responds to text messages when you’re in the car or riding a bike. And to detect that you are in a moving car or bike, the app relies on phone sensors and GPS. The automatic replies are an essentially preset reply to incoming texts.

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