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Samsung has continued to develop its Quantum Dot technology for its 2017 TV range rather than compete in the OLED sector. Highlighting the 100 percent color volume of its new picture tech. A first for the manufacturer’s televisions – and significantly higher brightness. The Samsung Frame TV viewing angle has also been improved upon. It claims, something OLED has been traditionally great at and LED less so. It calls the new tech QLED.

Samsung Frame TV is new technoly based and part of the vartual world. Samsung announced a new TV that looks like a picture frame complete with wooden borders. It can display art in “Art Mode” when it’s not used for watching TV. Which makes for a nicer look compared to your TV’s black rectangle when it’s off.

Samsung frame TV primarily designed to be wall-mounted so it can mimic an actual picture frame hanging on your wall. But it’s also compatible with Samsung’s Studio Stand too. Which props it high up at about picture-frame height.

Layout & Display of Frame TV

An elegant complement to your home, when it’s on, it’s an amazing Samsung Frame TV

An elegant complement to your home, when it’s on, it’s an amazing Samsung Frame TV

The wooden frame is also interchangeable with other designs to match your decor. Apart from Samsung’s announcement that “The Frame” will be available to buy this Spring, details about its pricing. And the tech it uses to reproduce paintings and other forms of art are sparse. Still, I’m staring at the black rectangle in my living room right now. And Samsung’s “The Frame” seems more and more like a good idea.

As is the norm for Samsung these days, there will be flat and curved models in different screen sizes. And at different price points – although release dates and pricing is yet to be revealed. Full specifications are also still forthcoming. Although it does have a peak brightness of between 1,500 to 2,000 nits. All sets are naturally 4K Ultra HD and have extended smart functionality and apps.

Other major features include picture frame-like wall mounting and only one cable socket on the TV itself. With a separate media box being connected through a single optical cable. Samsung has also linked the new TV range with its Smart View app for Android and iOS. Which can be used as a separate smart remote control. It can even be used as a game controller.

The TV is being shown at CES 2017 and we’ll be getting a closer look very soon.

Samsung ‘The Frame’ TV is literally wall art

Samsung Frame TV

Today’s TVs can look nice enough hanging on the wall, but nobody would mistake one for an actual painting. Until now.

The new “SAMSUNG FRAME TV” doesn’t fade to a lifeless slab of black when turned off. Instead, it can display images from its library of more than 100 art pieces. Including landscape, architecture, wildlife, action scenes and drawings.

Just when we thought we were starting to get our heads round Samsung’s huge 2017 TV range. The Korean brand has pulled the rug from under our feet once again. By conjuring up a brand new model, unlike anything Samsung.

Its design integrity is enhanced if you DO wall mount it. Though, by its use of Samsung’s new Invisible Connection technology. This combines an external connections box with a remarkably thin. Near-transparent cable so that you can wall mount the Frame TV without having its aesthetic appeal. Blighted by the usual eruption of cables from its bottom edge or sides.

Samsung Frame TV Design and Color

Samsung Frame TV Specification

Samsung has also designed a ‘No Gap Wall Mount’ for the Frame TV that enables it to hang more or less flush to your wall, just as a hung painting or photograph would. Of course, all these efforts to make the Frame look like a picture frame wouldn’t amount to much if the TV screen just looked empty and black when you weren’t watching it. So if you turn the set’s Art Mode on, instead of just sitting there in darkness when you’re not engrossed in a film or TV show, the screen will exhibit any of more than 100 different digitized works of art.

Spread across 10 different categories (including landscape, architecture, wildlife, action, and drawing), these artworks can also be presented using a variety of layout and background color options.

The Frame TVs are set to launch in 55-inch and 65-inch versions in spring. At the time of writing it’s not clear if their 4K screens use Samsung’s new QLED technology, or how much they will cost. I will update this story as and when more information becomes available.

Samsung Frame TV Specification: Samsung’s ‘The Frame’ TV doubles as an art piece

Samsung Frame TV Specification

Samsung ‘The Frame’ TV or Samsung Frame TV 2017 is the lineup to the Moon and back. But it still has room for a few surprises. The tech giant has offered more details about its previously-teased The Frame, a TV that’s designed to double as a picture frame.

Switch on an Art Mode and it’ll display over 100 pieces of art whenever you’re not using it effectively, it becomes another part of your home decor.

It’s clearly meant to hang on your wall, and you can swap out bezels to match the look of your living room. There’s also an optional Studio Stand if wall placement isn’t in the cards.

2018 Samsung Frame TV Price and Colors

Matte Layout and Colour dozens of options to choose from

Matte Layout and Colour dozens of options to choose from

The company is shy on specs and pricing for The Frame, but it is willing to commit to a launch sometime this spring. We wouldn’t expect it to be a budget set, though, given that Samsung’s earlier Serif TV carried a hefty price tag relative to its screen size.

Also, it’s a good day if you’ve been waiting to buy one of Samsung’s QLED sets. The company now says that its latest-generation quantum dot TVs are available now, with prices currently starting at $2,800 (decidedly higher than mentioned in February) for the 55-inch Q7 and topping out at $6,800 for the 75-inch Q8.

There’s no word on the Q9 yet, unfortunately. Again, the focus is on raw image quality: metal quantum dots promise a wider range of color regardless of the brightness level, and you should also see both higher brightness as well as deeper black levels.

To top things off, Samsung is also outlining when key peripherals will arrive. The M9500 4K Blu-ray player will show up in April for $399, while the all-in-one MS750 Sound+ Soundbar will land in the summer at an as yet unknown price.

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