Samsung foldable smartphones Specification Price and Release Date


Samsung foldable smartphones will have a flexible display that folds open into a 7-inch tablet. Samsung seems to have worked out the wrinkles on its much-rumored foldable phone. The electronics giant is working on a phone with a flexible display that folds open into a 7-inch tablet.

Samsung had initially focused on a fold-in phone but the plan out of concern that people would find it. Inconvenient to unfold the phone every time they wanted to use it.

Samsung Foldable Smartphones

Samsung foldable smartphones

Innovative designs could help spark a new wave of consumer spending on phones. Samsung has done well, for instance, with its Galaxy S7 Edge, which features a screen that wraps onto the side of the device. A clever trick, though, doesn’t always pay off, something LG found out with its G5, a phone with snap-on attachments.

Folding a device would give you a smaller, more portable package to carry around. And it could essentially double the size of your screen. But the design also presents technical hurdles. Such as whether rigid parts, like circuit boards, will have to use a different internal configuration or be made to slightly bend as well.

Samsung has had an interest in flexible phones for a couple of years. A Samsung patent filing from 2015 showed design concepts for not only foldable smartphones. But also ones that can be rolled up like a scroll.

The Samsung Edge display is cool, but something cooler is coming very soon. Samsung has been working on foldable displays for many years. Now, and the Korean giant might be ready to showcase its first foldable smartphone in 2017. Information about the phone, which has been dubbed the Galaxy X. For now, has slowly been leaking out, and here’s everything we think we know about it so far.

Samsung foldable smartphones Specification Price and Release Date

Upcoming Samsung Foldable smartphones are coming, and as with the curved screens of the Galaxy Note Edge and Galaxy S6 Edge. Samsung appears to be leading the charge. For a couple years now, the company has been sharing concepts of foldable and rollable smartphones, and now a flurry of patent applications and rumours suggest the first models are coming very soon.

Samsung intends to make fully functional smartphones with flexible displays that allow you to fold the phone shut and tuck it in your pocket. And maybe even phones that open up to reveal a full-sized tablet screen within, or touchscreen devices that roll out of a tube.


The Galaxy X phone should look pretty similar to a typical Samsung flagship phone. it has one large touchscreen on the front, cameras on both sides, and a home button below the display. It’s a smartphone.

Only this smartphone does something quite surprising, as the recent patent application illustration shows. The phone can fold right in half, fully covering the screen and making the phone about half its normal size. That makes it more pocket-friendly, plus it keeps the display nicely ensconced within the shell.

On the outer edge of the hinge is a charging contact, not unlike those seen on smartwatches, and you can pop the Galaxy X phone into a charging cradle to juice it up. Unfortunately, that suggests that the phone cannot be used while charging, much like wearable devices, since the contact is hidden while the phone is fully open.

Samsung foldable smartphones
Samsung foldable smartphones

Samsung foldable smartphones

A foldable phone is exactly as it sounds, one that either folds inward (like a clamshell phone) or outward and reveals a tablet-like device when stretched out. This is possible with the use of a bendable (rather than flexible, as seen in the Galaxy S7 edge) OLED panel.

Samsung, Lenovo and LG have each showed off bendable displays and devices at various industry events. And have registered many patents for the technology. Previously called Project Valley, Samsung’s technology has become known as the Samsung Galaxy X. Which may or may not be its eventual name upon release.
Samsung originally worked on fold-in phones, which close up like a wallet. But having completed its work there it has moved on to fold-out phones. These should be more convenient for the user. Who wouldn’t need to unfold the phone every time they wanted to use it.

The Samsung Galaxy X was originally rumoured to be a 5 inch phone that could fold out into an 8in tablet. But it’s now suspected to fold out into a 7in tablet. It’s indeed possible that there will actually be two Samsung foldable phones released.
According to rumours the screen resolution is expected to be 4K (3840×2160 pixels), ensuring that it remains high-res when folded. The Galaxy X could also feature a dual-camera at the rear, and one of the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon processors – most likely now the Snapdragon 835. There should be a microSD card slot, but the battery will not be removable.

When is the Samsung Galaxy X release date?

Samsung foldable smartphones

Although Samsung’s foldable technology is said to be ready. A source close to the matter told the Korea Herald that, the device has not been unveiled. Because of marketability and profitability issues. Plans have also been held up by the political scandal involving president Park Geun-hye and her confidante Choi Soon-sil.

However, Samsung hopes that Samsung foldable smartphones will be unveiled in the first quarter of 2018. And the company will ship more than 100,000 units.

This ties in with a report from ET News. which suggests there will be a working prototype ready to show off in Q1 2018. A new report says that the phone might go into production on a small scale, in the second quarter of 2018. Ahead of an ‘H4 2018 “clam-type” mass production blastoff’

Meanwhile, LG which is said to have the edge on the technology, is tipped to also release its foldable screens in 2018. Though later in the fourth quarter. It too, will ship more than 100,000 units, according to the Korea Herald’s source. But this tech could go to other clients such as Apple or Huawei. While Samsung will use its bendable display for its own devices.
A year ago Samsung mobile reported that Project Valley would not be available globally at launch. But that the UK and Ireland, Germany, Italy, South Korea, Nordic countries, France and Poland were on the list. Samsung foldable smartphones….

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