PlayStation Classic: Sony launching a new video game console in US


One of the top gaming console company Sony’s next video game console is going to release end of 2018. The Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation company will the announcement of a new gaming console
“Sony PlayStation Classic”,  on December, 3 in the US.

The new PlayStation Classic comes with 20 pre-loaded games like “Final Fantasy VII” and “Tekken 3.” Sony first  PlayStation introduces since 1994 and selling more than 100 million worldwide. This latest PS will be available on the store on December 3.

PlayStation Classic: Sony launching a new video game console in the US

Latest PlayStation classic Video Game

Latest PlayStation classic Video Game

Recently, Nintendo Switch Online games list EXPANDS following NES Classic and SNES Classic systems. Both are the top-selling Video game of the current generation. The Sony will launch PlayStation Classic front of the Nintendo 64 Classic.

The Price of the upcoming Sony video game console is under $99.99 where Nintendo charged only $60 for the new generation gaming console.  NES Classic offered 30 games and Sony offer only 20 games with the PlayStation Classic. The previous launched PlayStation 4 ( PS4) introduce price is ‎US$399.99, €399.99, £349 and it has sold  ‎81.2 million (as of July 22, 2018) Units all over the world.

PlayStation Classic Games

PlayStation Classic Games

The Sony miss the launch date with Black Friday deal offer with PlayStation Classic. The company will not launch full games lineup with the console but it comes 45 percent smaller.

The new home video game console and & Entertainment System Atari VCS comes with 100-plus old -school games and can play new games. Atari VCS expected to be released in the spring of July 2019.

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