Maruti Suzuki Ignis 2018 Specification and Price


Maruti Suzuki Ignis 2018  Review, full specification and price in India

Once again 2018 Maruti Suzuki has jumped into the market for the competition with its Maruti Ignis . Maruti Suzuki Ignis 2018 will be official launching in the market, the price of Maruti Suzuki Ignis is affordable for every one, the Maruti Suzuki Ignis 2018 is going to give the tough competition to the Hyundai car and Honda.

Maruti Suzuki Ignis 2018 has relaunched its upgraded model of  Ignis  in the Indian market on August, 18. Maruti Suzuki has nicknamed the Ignis as “The Blue Eyed Boy” and “The Smart Racer.” The new model of Ignis comes with strategic planning from the company and they meant to upgrade its models according to the new emission norms in Indian Market.

Price list of Maruti Suzuki Ignis 2018

Version Fuel type Transmission Mileage (City/Highways) Ex-Showroom price(Delhi)

Maruti Suzuki Ignis 2018

2 Version comes with this Model

  • Petrol- 1197cc
  • Diesel- 1248cc
  • IGNIS 1.2 Sigma Petrol Manual 20 KMPL 4.55  Lakh (On Road Price)
  • IGNIS 1.2 Delta Option Petrol Manual 20 KMPL 5.15 Lakh (On Road Price)
  • IGNIS 1.2 AMT Delta Petrol Manual 20 KMPL 5.70  Lakh (On Road Price)
  • IGNIS  1.2 ZETA, 20 KMPL 5.60 Lakh (On Road Price)
  • IGNIS 1.2 AMT ZETA Petrol Manual 20KMPL 6.20 Lakh (On Road Price)
  • IGNIS 1.2 AMT ALPHA  Petrol Manual 20 KMPL 7.01 Lakh (On Road Price)

Diesel Version Maruti Ignis

  • IGNIS 1.3 Delta Diesel Manual 26 KMPL 6.20  Lakh (On Road Price)
  • IGNIS 1.3 ZETA Diesel Manual 26 KMPL 6.70  Lakh (On Road Price)
  • IGNIS 1.3 AMT Delta Diesel Automatic 26 KMPL 6.80  Lakh (On Road Price)
  • IGNIS 1.3 AMT ZETA Diesel Automatic 26 KMPL 7.30 Lakh (On Road Price)
  • IGNIS 1.3 AMT Alpha Diesel Automatic 26 KMPL 8.10 Lakh (On Road Price)
  • IGNIS 1.3 Alpha Diesel Automatic 26 KMPL 7.54 Lakh (On Road Price)

Maruti Suzuki Ignis 2018  and Features

Maruti Suzuki Ignis 2018

Maruti Suzuki Mileage

YJC has 5-speed manual transmission and mileage of 20 Kmpl and 26.4 kmpl.

Engine Options

  • Engine – 1248 cc and 1197 cc
  • BPH– 74
  • Cylinders– 4
  • No of Gears– 5 Speed


Seating and Comfort

  • Seating Capacity- 5
  • Boot Space- 260 Ltr

Key Features

  • Tall-boy design
  • High ground clearance
  • 5-seat layout
  • Dual-tone beige and purple interior

Ignis is available in four variants – Sigma, Delta, Zeta and Alpha. Reports also suggest that Maruti may house a 1.0 litre petrol and 0.8 litre diesel engine serving Celerio.

Maruti Suzuki Ignis 2018

Features of Maruti Suzuki Ignis 2018

Good things about Maruti Suzuki Ignis Stingray is that it comes in small packages, and as far as Maruti Suzuki is concerned about their good things and they just have just gone better.
The earlier version of the Maruti Suzuki IGNIS had a 1.2 litre with 4 cylinder engine which delivers a power of the 75 BHP. But the new segment which are added in the edition version are good performance, ease of handling.

Drawbacks in Maruti Suzuki Ignis 2018

Some of the drawbacks which are seen in the Maruti Suzuki IGNIS are congested rear seats, van like appearance in front, and gearbox problems.

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