Google is working on a gaming console : Google Yeti


American Search engine and advertisement company google working on new project. this project related to gaming console technologies. According to GSMarena, it works own game streaming service and called Google Yeti.

This new service yeti related to a subscription-based gaming streaming service and made by Google. Yeti will also work on Chromecasts. Google’s been working over two years.

Which types game will user able to play with Yeti, it’s not clear. it’s possible Google will use the stage at I/O in May to do the official unveiling. Google has started and canceled subscription-based gaming streaming service in the past, and right now there’s no telling if this ever sees a release.

Gaming console Google Yeti

Google Yeti

Google Yeti

If Google’s efforts with Yeti project are successful, it captured a large amount of market in all over the world because it will grab a piece of the $109 billion video game market.

Google works various future projects and capturing a large amount of technology-related market. Google’s “Yeti” is reportedly a gaming hardware, streaming service beast.

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