First Look of OnePlus 7 has leaked Online


India’s most successful and most selling smartphone brand OnePlus is expected to launch its new smartphone in the market. A live image of alleged OnePlus 7 has leaked online and first look of the prototype has been leaked by a 15-year-old boy to China.

According to the leaked image, OnePlus could be launch three new model of OnePlus 7 smartphone, two with marquee, notch and highly reduced bezels like Oppo X and another with 5G network. The device on the right looks very familiar to the OnePlus 6T and Oppo X on front.

OnePlus 6T successor OnePlus 7 will have FullView Display, physical fingerprint scanner security and front camera inside the screen. All upcoming smartphone model probably launch April or May.

First Look of OnePlus 7

The First image was leaked by Twitter and leaker has no track record but Chinese media confer about this.

While Fans do expect the smartphone to the announcement in mobile world congress and available in the first half of the year where it’s upgrade version OnePlus 7T in the second part of 2019.

The main feature of the OnePlus 7 is faster internal storage speed as it might come equipped with UFS 3.0 storage. Price of the OnePlus 7 5G is between $250 – $300 the same as the previous model. Firstly, it will launch in China, USA, Canada and UK.

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