BMW i3 Electric Sport Car 2018 Review and Specification


The New BMW i3, a five-door sedan urban electric car which is developed by BMW also known as Bayerische Motoren Werke, who desire the world most luxuriest cars, the i3 part of the BMW’s is being launched as the new brand of BMW i. The BMW i3 had open a new chapter of visionary design language for BMW tailor-made for electric vehicles.

BMW updates the i3 with a higher capacity battery pack, boosting its all-electric range to up to 300km.

             BMW i3 is also termed as BMW Megacity Vehicle. The BMW i3 is made up of high-grade glass material, light metal alloy and black element with Carbon Structure , it makes the car more light in the weight. It is the first electric series launched by BMWwitha range of 130 to 160 km.

BMW i3 Electric Sport Car Review and Specification

BMW i3 Electric Sport Car

  • Interior- image
  • Exterior- image

BMW i3 Electric Sport Car Technical Detail :-

  • Manufactured by – BMW AG.
  • Production years – 2017
  • Model years – 2018
  • Assembled by – Leipzig (Germany)
  • Consumption – Energy consumption in kWh/100 km is 12.9 and CO2 emissionss in g/km is 0 ,two cylinder generator and 9-litre fuel tank is optional.
  • Electric Motor – 170 hp/ 130 kW
  • Wheels – Wheel dimension front and rear is 5Jx19 and Tyre dimensions front and rear is 155/70 R19
  • Range – Electric range in km is 130 to 160km or 80 to 100 mi and with range extender the range is 240 to 300 km or 150 to 190 mi.

Designed By – Richard Kim

  • Length – 157.4 in / 3999 mm
  • Height – 62.1 in / 1578 mm
  • Width – 69.9 in / 1775 mm

Transmisssion – Simple speed witha fixed ratio and automatic

Body style – 5-door sedan urban electric car

BMW i3 Electric Sport Car price in India, UK And USA  :-

BMW i3 Electric Sport Car

In each and every country the price of BMW i3 differs, there is a price list according to the country US$ 43,395.00 to US$ 49,295.00 or Rs 40 Lakh.

North America – North America includes two countries first is Canada and United state where BMW is going to Launch their new brand BMW i3.

  1. In Canada the pricing will be start from CAD 44,950 before any available government incentives,theBMW i3is expected to be available during mid of 2014.

2 While in United State the BMW is going to launch i3 in Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Francisco, New York City and San Diego ,including some suburban areas of Connecticut and Jersey. Pricing will be start in U.S from US$42,275 and optional range extender of cost US$3,850 wth no government incentives.

BMW i3 Electric Sport Car Extra  :-

Europe :- In Europe the BMW is going to launch its new brand car i3 in following countries Germany , Netherlands, Norway, United Kingdom and France. The price of i3 has been divided country wise.

1 Prices in Germany is going to start from €34,950 and are going to delivered in of 2018.

2 Prices in france is going to start from €34,990 plus government incentives and plus optional range extender of cost €4,710.

3 Prices in Netherland is going to start from €35,500 plus optional range extender of cost €4,490 and are going to delivered of 2018.

BMW i3 Electric Sport Car

4 Deliveries in Norway are scheduled from 2018 at a price of 237,100 kroner.

5 Deliveries in United Kingdom are scheduled from 2018 at a price of GB£30,680 before the applicable government grant.

India:- The price in India till now is estimated above Rs 40 Lakh.

BMW i3 feature and Informance :-

  1. Electric Car
    2 Light weight
    3 Dynamic performance
    4 Effcient
    5 Dynamic Interior and Exterior
    6 powerfull engine
    7 Charging is easily ,quickly and conveniently at home
    or charging station
    8 BMW i navigation
    9 Connectivity
    10 BMW Tele service and i Remote App

BMW i3 Electric Sport Car

Upcomin BMW i3 Electric Sport Car  Performance and safety:-

BMW i3 consist of a powerful engine, once we release the accelerator electric motor turns into generator and convert K.E to E.E.

  • Acceleration 0 to 100 kM/h in s – 7.2
  • Elasticity 80 to 100 kM/h in s – 4.9
  • Speed in kM/h – 130 to 160

A wide range of application are provided to you for you safety which are Driver assistance

  • High voltage battery
  • Assistance Services
  • Carbon fibre
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