Best Power Bank 2018 : How to Select a Good power bank ?


Technology changing day by day and the smartphones have a very high-performance battery with good standby time. But still, when it comes to working, it drains very fast. So to keep our mobile phone on, we all need a power source. And for that, there are lots of Mobile power banks in the market. But it’s tough to choose the best Power bank 2018. We are giving the list of power bank.  How to select a good power bank. First and foremost, you need to know about the battery size and the charger specifications of your smartphone.

Power banks emerge as lifesavers in situations when our phones run out of battery. But the same lifeguards can disappoint you if they themselves are running low on battery. To avoid such sticky situations, it’s better to have a power bank with a monstrous backup that can prove handy in need.

A power bank is a portable energy source that can be used to charge smartphones and other USB powered devices when you are in the office or traveling in a bus or train. Power banks consist of a lithium ion/lithium polymer battery that is encased in a special casing.

How to Select a Good power bank

How to Select a Good power bank

How to Select a Good power bank

Many companies have to launch difference features and high power segment power bank. we have some techniques how you to select a good power bank 2018.

Capacity: Capacity is measured in mAh. For example, 20000 mAh power banks can charge approximately 6 to 7 times while 10000 mAh power banks can charge almost 3 to 4 times.

Connector: Select a power bank with multiple connectors so that you can charge multiple phones or devices at a time.

Portability: Choose a compact and lightweight power bank that fits in your pocket or purse.

Safety: Opt for a power bank that provides short circuit protection, over charging protection and temperature protection.

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