Apple iPhone 6 Smartphone Sales , Revenue and Specification


The rumors regarding the phone apple iPhone 6 smartphone release date continue to fly. The Logs for the Developer App usage has revealed that Apple has launched the testing of its next generation smartphones and the operating System which has been tentatively named as apple iPhone 6.

The Tech industry analyst are referring iPhone 5S to the upcoming device, but another possible name is yet to reveal by the Apple.

Apple iPhone 6 Smartphone Sales , Revenue and Specification

Apple iPhone 6 smartphone price in Market

Apple iPhone 6 Smartphone

Till now the Apple has been very Consistent regarding their price Strategy. So, it can be automatically assumed that the iPhone 6 price fairly not so cheap and it will be around 21,000, and 45,000 numbers.

The price of iPhone 6 will be varying country by country according to the TAX and the Customer Costs.

Extra Features in iPhone 6 smartphone

Apple iPhone 6 Smartphone

According to the Time Magazines Tecland it is declared that in all likelihood the iPhone 6 will be Cord Free and this is the normal expectation as the inductive Charging becomes more and more popular by the time.

The inductive Charging applies the Principle of electromagnetic to charge the devices in a wireless way and it will lead to less e-waste.

Apple iPhone 6 Smartphone


The iPhone 6 lighter and slimmer compare to the other iPhones and the camera of the iPhone 6 received many more improvements.

The iPhone 6 feature the best camera with some of the advance technology, the apple iPhone 6 completely replace the point and shoot digital cameras. It is going to be quite much easier to organize and access your files and photos in the Apple iPhone 6 smartphone.

Apple iPhone 6 smartphone Sales in Market

Apple iPhone 6 Smartphone

Apple has sold 1.5 Billion iPhones, a record for its third quarter, compared to 1 Million a year ago.

It company made $17.9 billion in profit and $78.4 billion in revenue, compared to $18.4 billion in profit and $75.87 billion in revenue in Q1 of 2016.

The company’s gross margin was 38.5 percent. These results beat Apple’s guidance for the quarter, which predicted revenue between $45.5 billion and $45.7 billion and a profit margin between 37.5 and 38 percent.

Apple iPhone has reported a second consecutive drop in quarterly profits despite a significant increase in iPhone sales. So, it is going to be seem how much profit will be their after releasing of iPhone 6.

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