Amazon announces Echo Sub, Echo Link & Link Amp


An Amazon Echo announcement beautiful Amazon’s Echo speakers with the stereo sound functionality. In the Amazon’s second surprise Alexa event they launching the members of the Echo lineup. Amazon announces Echo Sub, Echo Link & Link Amp with Alexa functionality, full stereo pairing Speaker and controlled voice.

Echo speakers to deliver a more dynamic sound. Functionally and features, the new Echo Dot has the same as the current device with little bit improvement. The Echo Sub, Echo Link and Link Amp come with the 4 touch button with full control layout and 7 microphone array.

New Amazon Eco deliver a more dynamic sound

New Amazon Eco deliver a more dynamic sound

The new devices available only $129.99 in the US, UK, and Canada. All Echo will be launching October-November 2018. The home audio system builds with the pretty look same as cloth-wrapped cylinder paired with two Echo devices. Eco sub enabled to 100W deep bass sound through a 6″ woofer.

Home audio system Echo Link & Echo Link Amp

Home audio system Echo Link & Echo Link Amp

Upgrade your stereo system with high-fidelity streaming music and Alexa. Echo Link Price is $199 and Echo Link Amp costs  $299.99, which will be available early next year. The sound quality, smart features performance and louder volume previous model.

The multi-room music features setup looking for a richer home audio performance at the average price. Echo Sub launching price about $100, that’s quality the same as the subwoofer. Echo Sub, Echo Link & Link Amp all Amazon Product are competing on a different playing Speaker. Stream hi-fi music to the stereo system product purchase to Amazon.

Audio inputs: Analog (1 x L/R RCA), Digital (1 x Coaxial RCA, 1 x Optical Toslink)

Audio outputs: TPA6120A2 High Fidelity Stereo Headphone Amplifier and 3.5mm output jack (Eco Dot with 3.5mm line out)

Eco-Link Buy Now Amazon

Eco-Sub Buy Now Amazon

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